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In today’s mental health industry, is it possible to break the standard business model to create a new and better treatment model?
Yes, it is.

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community mental health education programs

Depression MD delivers mental health education in English and Spanish to minority communities

Dr. Lisa Harding’s passion for community outreach started in Iowa in 2014 while volunteering for the local NAMI chapter. During her residency, she was awarded a grant to design formal mental health education community programs tailored to minority communities in English and Spanish. While there are few mental health community programs in English, Spanish mental health programs are almost non existent.

The program identified that faith leaders were the first line of defense for people facing mental health challenges in minority communities. The goal of the program was to interface with faith leaders, improve their knowledge of mental illnesses and provide connections to local mental health professionals that can support their communities.

The program includes the following activities and can be delivered in a 5 hour session with 25 to 30 participants. Participants will receive a hardcopy of the Guide for Faith Leaders  and a Quick Reference Guide from the American Psychiatric Association and a certificate of participation.

Mental Health Knowledge Assessment

Pre and Post program mental health knowledge assessments are given to all participants. Non PII demographic data is collected to assess the effectiveness of the program and it’s content

General Mental Health Education

A two part 90 minute interactive mental illness overview is delivered where mental illness is defined, common mental illnesses are discussed and faith leader support for people with mental illness is reviewed.

Collaboration and Breakout Sessions

Participants are grouped and asked to come up with actionable ways to support their community’s mental health and wellness.

Voluntary Testimonials

If available, a community volunteer will share their mental illness with the participants and be available for questions. This has proven to be very effective in addressing the stigma.

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Dr. Harding and I served together as community leaders in Wichita, KS. She is an awesome doctor with very strong work ethic and advocates for her patients. I would recommend her to a family member.
-KH, Pastor

Program Participant Testimonials

Dr. Harding thanks for the amazing information you shared with us during the seminar. We would love for you to do this at our church

Faith Leader

I would like to recommend that Dr. Harding consider offering this program again. I am saddened that I did not have several other people from my parish|church in attendance. This education is crucial to the ministry of our people and community

Faith Leader

Now that I have heard all this information, I feel this was way helpful. I would like Dr. Harding to come to our church and give this presentation to our other case managers

Case Manager

Contact us if you’re interested in this program for your community.