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Depression and Trauma Experts in Connecticut

So, now that you have been accepted for a diagnostic consultation, just follow the steps here on in your email so that we confirm your appointment soon.

Complete Online Intake

The first step is to complete our online intake. Check your email for the link to our portal (you must be accepted by one of our providers to get this link). This secure intake process requires your demographic and insurance information. You then choose a doctor and reason for your visit. Once you have completed the intake, give us 24-48 hours to verify your information.

Gather Medical Records

For the diagnostic consultation, we need the last 3-6 months of your medical records. You will need to gather these from your Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist and Therapist. Please print these forms and work with your providers to get the information.

Provider Forms
Book Diagnostic Consultation

Once we have confirmed eligibility, it’s now time to book an appointment. Appointments can be booked by using our patient portal. Just navigate to the appointments tab and provide the required information. You will choose an appointment type, whether it’s in person or via telemed, the provider and an available date and time to complete the booking.

Complete Patient Forms

Now that you have an appointment, you must complete your forms prior to the visit. The forms are specific to the appointment type, however they may include medical and psychiatric history, medication history, practice consents and approvals to release records from your current providers. These forms must be completed prior to your appointment.

Important information to note about our practice

Insurance We are in network with Aetna, Cigna, ConnectiCare, Humana, Magellan, Medicaid(Husky), Medicare, Optum, United and Oxford. We are out of network and accept all other insurances. For patients with Anthem: since we are out of network with your insurance, you must have out of network benefits for them to reimburse for medical care. Please contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits and know your deductible and potential patient responsibility. We cannot quote you on your patient responsibility with your insurance company.

Diagnostic Evaluations Diagnostic Evaluations are consultative in nature during which our doctors will be gathering information to learn about your condition by performing assessments including those to determine whether we can be a suitable provider. Initial appointments do not guarantee continued treatment and as such medications, including controlled substances are not prescribed at the first visit. If our providers feel it would be beneficial for you to follow up with another provider, they will advise you of that after the initial appointment. You are giving us the authorization to contact your insurance company, if they were provided. You are giving us the authorization to a review your medication history.

Office Visits As a COVID-19 precaution, masks must be worn while in office. To minimize congregation in the office, please remain in the building lobby until 15 mins before your appointment. Anyone accompanying you, must stay in the building lobby until time to get you. You must complete your patient forms prior to your appointment. Appointments without forms will be cancelled and a no-show fee will be charged.

Telemedicine Visits Forms should be submitted 30 mins before the visit and please be in the waiting room 5-10 mins before your appointment. Your appointment must end on time to accommodate other patients. Your webcam or smartphone camera must be on during the session. You must be fully dressed (No robes). It is important to be in a quiet, private space that is free of distractions. Please be stationary. Walking around is not permitted as it is distracting. Eating is not permitted during the appointment. Please do not answer text messages or phone calls. Other people, including children, should not be in the appointment unless discussed prior to the appointment. No restaurants, waiting rooms, car while driving, offices with others walking by, or supply closets. If we feel that the circumstances are inappropriate at any time upon starting a call, we will end the call and a no-show fee will be charged.

Communication The best way to communicate with us is via the patient portal. It is secure and we monitor it every day. No patient care requests should be made via email. Phone requests can be made when there is no access to the patient portal.