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Mindfulness For Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Trauma Experts in Connecticut

Mindfulness for Depression and Anxiety

Mindfulness for Depression and Anxiety is a month-long course that introduces evidence-based meditation and mindfulness practices to help target depression and anxiety.

This introductory mindfulness course focuses on:

* Key practices that support the ability to use present attention
* Becoming aware of judgements and utilizing tools to assist in returning to present attention
* Finding balance and acceptance through pleasant and unpleasant experiences
* Gaining an overview of the physiology of the mind/body connection through breathing, meditation and movement practices
* Inquiry work and journaling
* Learning to integrate these practices into your daily routine

Each participant will receive a workbook that goes hand in hand with each week of training and a yoga bundle consisting of 2 blocks and a yoga mat. Journaling is a foundation that will be present throughout the course. Homework completion is essential. 

This four week course is aimed at introducing participants to mindfulness and meditation, with the hope that they could incorporate them as tools to foster well-being and resilience. Our course, consisting of four ninety minute sessions, is designed to target an audience that values both practice and insight in processes that lead us to our natural inner stability and resourcefulness.

Week One: Present Attention

We focus on present attention. We start with the physiology of mindfulness. We begin physical movement and an introduction to mindful practices. We teach you how to connect with your body, and deepen your awareness of how your emotions can physically change your body’s physiology. The practice is aimed at teaching you awareness in order to control the physical reactions to send positive feedback to our emotional state.

Week Two: Non-Judgement

We introduce breathing techniques that are essential tools for reduction in anxiety. We increase our movement based practices as part of deepening meditative practices. We continue to introduce new practices based on learning to become a mindful listener. Through these practices we hope you can strengthen your relationship with loved ones to show up for them in times of need.

Week Four: Home-Based Practice and Continued Community

Our hope is that you take these tools to deepen your personal practice. In Week 4, we will help you use the tools from the previous weeks to define your own personal practice so that you can continue to deepen your awareness to the here and now, master breathing techniques and improve your balance and acceptance to control your anxiety and depression.

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